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How to join Lily of the Cahaba Chapter, NSDAR

Contact the Registrar

Use the form below to contact our chapter registrar to learn what is needed to start an application. Read on to learn what to expect at each stage and what you can do while your application is in process.

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Start by getting to know us


The best way to learn what it is like to be a member is to visit us as a guest at our chapter meetings, and participate in one of our many opportunities to volunteer.


Visitors to our meetings are greeted by chapter officers and briefly introduced by our chapter registrar.  No need to worry, you do not have to make a statement, we simply want to make you welcome and invite members to personally reach out to you when we break for refreshments. 

Meetings open with a series of established activities – all done at our seats and you will find a laminated card in your chair to help you follow along. Participation is optional , but we hope you will join in when you feel comfortable to do so. 

Continuing to attend as a visitor is a great way to learn about DAR while you are working through the application progress. 

The application process

Membership is open to any woman aged 18 years or older, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, who can prove lineal descent from a Patriot of the American Revolutionary War.  This means some genealogy research is in order. You will contact our registrar and she will respond by asking you to provide us with the first three generations of your family tree.  Full names, dates and places of birth, death, and marriage, for your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.  

If you know the Patriot ancestor you are related to, provide the known information for every generations leading up to your Patriot ancestor.  

Missing information? 

You can expect a lot of help from our chapter registrar and a vast network of resources available to her.  We provide support to help you document your lineage only toward the objective of efficiently completing your application to join NSDAR. This means, our registrar will use the data you provide, examine it against our databases and come back with a recommendation on which patriot you should join with and what we’ll need from you to complete the process.  She will help fill some gaps and she will guide you along the way.